• AI Audio Recording

    • DNN-based audio signal processing
      • Wind Noise Reduction
      • Dynamic Gain Control
      • Mic. Idle Noise Suppression
      • Audio Scene Analysis
    • 1-mic solution
    • For smartphones, cameras, recorders and apps

    Voice Solution for TWS

    HQ voice with a accelerometer and microphones

    • HQ voice for voice call and ASR
    • 2-mic Beamforming, Noise Suppression
    • DNN-based Wind Noise Reduction

    Voice Recognition Network Module

    All-in-one package for home appliances

    • RTOS in Cortex M4 or Linux in Cortex A series
    • Microphones input
    • Pre-processing
    • Wake word
    • Network (WiFi, Bluetooth)

    SRE™ for Smartphone and Connected Devices

    - Ported to application layer in Android or iOS

    - Barge-in Capabilities (AEC)

    - Far-field Voice Pick-up

    - Available when connected to other speakers via BT, AUX, HDMI and Wi-Fi mirroring

    Automotive Solutions

    for Display Audio

    - EC/NR for Bluetooth hands-free call and ASR

    - ITU-T P.1100 / 1110 and Apple Car Play certified

    with built-in omnidirectional microphone

    - Supports single and muiti microphones

    - Easily ported to Linux

    SRE™ for Smart Speaker

    - Barge-in Capabilities

    - Far-field Voice Pick-up

    - Supports Single and Multi microphones (1~8)

    - Porting to Linux or Android on AP

    LG V20

    MightyWorks brings professional audio recording

    features to LG V20 smartphone


    - 3ch AudioZoom (Directivity)

    - Wind noise filter

    - Low cut filter, Limiter, Gain control (24bit/192kHz)

    - Idle noise suppression

    - Anti-clipping

  • Company

    " We make mightyworks! "


    MightyWorks, founded in 2005, is a leading company of machine learning based audio signal processing technologies.
    We provide advanced voice enhancement technologies to improve call quality and speech recognition success rates.
    We also have recording and playback technologies for better audio experience.

    We have rich experience in licensing our technologies to smartphones, cars, voice control devices and so on.
    All our tecnologies are optimized for commercial MCU and DSP platforms, including ARM, Tensilica, CEVA, CSR and so on, and also can be embeded in a variety of systems such as Linux, Android and non-OS system.


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  • Products

    World-best products with MightyWorks patented technologies


    Zoom-in on the voice you want to hear

    AudioZoom enables you to capture only the sound from desired direction, while reducing the sound from other directions. Even if you don't apply AudioZoom during recording, you can still apply AudioZoom during playback by touching the desired area of the screen.

    Learn More

    SRE™ (Speech Recognition Enhancer)

    Enhance your experience in Speech Recognition

    SRE™ improves speech recognition success rates, no matter which recognition engine you use. SRE™ supports far-field voice pick-up and barge-in. SRE™ also has the Lite version for low power always-on mode.

    Learn More

    Clear Call™

    Superb noise reduction and echo cancellation

    Clear Call™ guarantees clear call quality without echo and noise, and especially shows strength in Bluetooth hands-free calls and in-cars hands-free calls.

    Dynamic Sound Recording

    HQ recording without audio distortion

    When you record audio with a smartphone or camera, you basically want to record it loud, but you do not want the sound to be distorted in a concert hall or noisy place. Dynamic Sound Recording technology prevents sound distortion by automatically adjusting to the optimal level.


    Listen easily

    VoiceCatch controls volume level automatically according to background noise level and tunes frequency responses of the voice and improves your audibility within maximum output level of speaker.

    Sound Tracker

    Detect the direction of sound source

    Sound Tracker identifies the direction of sound source and forms beam towards that direction, which means it receives the sound from that direction while reducing the sound from other directions.

    Mighty Recorder

    High quality audio recorder with powerful audio effects

    You can record voice memos, interviews, lectures, business meetings and so on with easy user interface. And you can also play them with our superb audio effects. You can hear recordings clearly and save time for listening. Download

    The Volume

    Automatic volume level control based on the background noise

    "The Volume" frees you from needing to use volume buttons. It recognizes the background noise level and changes the media volume smoothly. So there is no need for you to control the volume manually.


  • Solutions

    The right solutions for you


    ClearCall + SRE + VoiceCatch

    Automotive environment is very touch for calls, speech recognition and listening. Clear Call™ cancels background noise and acoustic echo in BT hands-free calls and e-calls. SRE™ allows you to do voice control when you drive or your passenger is impolite. And VoIceCatch enables you to hear the prompts from your navigation system without adjusting volume changing.


    AudioZoom + Professional Audio Recording

    • Captures the sound from the desired direction while reducing the sound from other directions
    • Idle noise suppression, Anti-clipping
    • Gain cotrol, Limiter, Low cut filter
    • Wind noise filter, Directivity

    Consumer & IoT

    Sound Tracker + SRE (Barge-in & Far-field pick up)

    • Identifies direction of sound source
    • Barge-in capabilities
    • Far-field voice pick up (4~5m)
    • Supports single, double and multi(4~8) microphones
  • Careers

    Let's change the world together!

    Speech/Audio Algorithm R&D Engineers

    We are looking for smart and highly motivated engineers, who want to be part of an intelligent and dedicated team, working on creating the best and most advanced audio processing technologies for global products and brands.

    • Demonstrated ability in speech processing required
    • Academic and industrial background, MS or PhD preferred
    • Experience in acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction, beamforming
    • Ability of algorithm development, and ability to solve problems independently
    • Programming in C++, Matlab or Python

    Audio Machine Learning R&D Engineers

    We are looking for engineers to join a team initiating new area of developing core technologies in multimedia and machine learning. The selected candidates will work on various areas of sound and speech processing, recognition, and understanding.

    • Audio signal processing
    • Probability and Statistics
    • Machine learning
    • Experience in machine learning, particularly deep-learning (e.g. CNN, DBN, RNN, DCN)
    • Strong programming skills to implement and verify algorithms
    • Strong communications and presentations skills
    • Strong academic and industrial background, MS or PhD preferred
    • Specific knowledge in the following area is a plus : Hearing aids algorithm development and implementation, Environmental sound recognition, Reinforcement learning, Speech/Speaker recognition, Spoken language understanding

    Linux/Android Audio Driver Engineer

    Candidates will be involved in Linux/Android library implementation works
    Design and implement tools for speech/audio processing library
    Design and implement debug module/driver

    • Solid C/C++ programming/debug skills
    • Good Android/Linux system knowledge
    • Experience on Android/Linux software design
    • Experience on Linux multi-thread programming will be a plus
    • Experience on driver development will be a plus


    If you are to apply for the job position, please submit your resumes to job@mightyworks.co.kr

    If you need more information on the company, please contact with info@mightyworks.co.kr

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