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AudioZoom has been ported to Cirrus Logic ADSP

Based in South Korea, MightyWorks is a software house specializing in voice and audio processing technologies for call, speech recognition, recording and playback. It has developed a range of software products including audio zoom, speech recognition enhancer, dynamic sound recording, audio effect and beyond for applications such as smartphones, automotive, TV and IoT. Its Audio Zoom product was designed into the G-series flagship smartphones from LG.



Summary of product on ADSP

Audio Zoom has been ported to the ADSP platform. Key features include:

  • Reduces not only environmental noises but also interference
  • Tunable beamwidth from 0 to 180 degree
  • Beam steering and multi-beam forming
  • Audio calibration and match of microphones frequency response
  • Supported sampling rates: 8/16/44.1/48KHz


Audio zoom is mainly targeted for smartphone applications

For more information on MightyWorks, visit

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